Tõnu Virolaismies Samuel

"El hacker estonio Tonu Samuel" as said on spanish webs ;P

I can be reached by: email: tonu@spam.ee GSM: +372 50 41 396

HOWTO crack sun e10k keys

I made small HOWTO on Cracking Sun Starfire 10000 keys. Problem is that people buy Sun e10k on ebay and it comes usually with wiped disks. This is instruction for people who cannot get in touch with Sun Microsystems to get software keys whose are required to run this computer.

Hackers!!! Take this IP down!!!

Stupidity warning! This is actual screenshot of mail I received today:

Where the f**k those stupid people come from? Google is also used by hackers. Should we shut it down?
Ooh, I see I guess they complain in similar reasons to this man. It complains because his dumb IDS software is complaining on urls containing "c99shell.txt". Ok, people, please use your brains. Here is a most dangerous malware which may format your disk. Yes, I put it online. Be afraid of it! Your disk gets formatted now! Write to random addresses of my ISP like this man did and complain about it. Prize is big - you may get published on this page! Include your photo if possible.

Update! Just one day passed and man which is thinks he is living in StarWars Federation or some other federation sent me mail. Read it here. Seems he looks like dickface too as he kindly sent his photo on my request.

Seriously speaking, those scripts are just as information about hackers. This makes possible to learn how to protect. Lot of people never saw those before. To be successful in this war for security we have to learn from enemy. Even birds do this. If you got trouble with security, I am happy to provide you details from my log. Yes, you get cooperation! You can nail who did it. And again, those scripts do not attack you. They need two components - HUGE security hole and human who found it and using it. With those two factors you got a problem with or without my page. If you are too dumb to understand it, no problem for me.

Overclocking the supercomputer

I have done slight overclocking of Sun E10000 server. Sure it is not about speed, it is about fact and sport. I documented it down here

Some wifi wardriving

Modified my Wi-Spy or as we call him "Wifi Spray" to allow external antennas to be connected. Some interesting findings are here.

Your data, soul and money, all belong to Lenovo

Seems like Microsoft is not the only one who owns all you data. Now Lenovo got my soul too as I accepted such terms:

This screen is from Lenovo Thinkpad Z60t ThinkVantage Update on 12. November 2006.

PHP shells hackers use

I got some PHP shell sourcecodes hackers use. I put them up for public view: http://no.spam.ee/~tonu/phpshell/

Sun Enterprise 10000 at home

Not long after I started my experiments with Sun 6500 it was bough off from me with all other hardware I have. I had to buy new one, so I now have the Sun Enterprise 10000 StarFire at home. Page is very poor yet until I have more time.

How to decide if you want to portscan CIA or not

Internet is known not to be safe place. Sure you are the good guy and not even thinking to portscan CIA. Meanwhile it is not clear if you haven't done it before. Check it out here

Linux on Sun Enterprise 6500

I am running half ton Sun Enterprise 6500 with Gentoo Linux at home. I share my experience about it here.

Sex on my hard drive. Now located!

pm:~ > locate groupsex
pm:~ >

Viewable with telnet to port 80

There are clears signs that telnet is coming back to stay! Having this in mind I redesigned my homepage to be viewable with telnet to port 80. Try it! Type "telnet no.spam.ee 80" and then "GET /~tonu/ HTTP/1.0" followed by double enter

Clipboard thief for IE

First, you should never follow link below unless understanding what you do. This is just an example how browser problems can be used against user. This link is available for long time already but I was shown it only to closed audience before. Now when I see some web pages countain same code it is time to publish it here. So, If you follow this link, your clipboard will be stolen (IE only), sent to another website and sent instantly to my GSM phone as SMS message. Only hidden part is source code of http://no.spam.ee/~tonu/1.php whose source is here. It is actually really dangerous.

EXIF thumbnails extracted

It is already known that EXIF information contains camera model and time of making photo. Not so known is fact that EXIF often contains thumbnail of image which in worst case discloses very sensitive information. I made page explaining this topic here

Userfriendly SuSE

Wow, see what SuSE linux told me today:

pm:~ # useradd
useradd: Too few arguments.
Try `useradd --help' or `useradd --usage' for more information.
pm:~ # useradd --usage
Usage: useradd ...
pm:~ # useradd ...
useradd: Invalid account name `...'.
pm:~ #
pm:~ # cat /etc/SuSE-release
SUSE Linux 10.1 (i586)
VERSION = 10.1
pm:~ #

LCD over computer memory

I made some hardware hack to run LCD screen connected to SDRAM memory of PC computer. More details are here

XSS over strip_tags() in PHP

PHP-s page suggested function strip_tags() as a good way get rod of Cross-site scripting (XSS) attacks. I wrote some document describing this topic in details here

New clock

Because huge lack of useless services in the Internet I decided contribute priceless service - clock to community. What better, this clock is always up-to-date. Check it out

New content-type

In hurry to propose of new internet standards I set up a web page to test new nonsense related content with type "bullshit/plain". Test your brower for compatibility with newer features here

SQL Filesystem

I am lazy like a mule and this site needs fixing, but I have piece of software called SQL Filesystem made. This allows to mount MySQL (later others) as NFS server into your directory tree. This is useful for file based drag&drop, diffs, version control, using unixes "find" and "grep" over your data and other. Give me week or two to bring this site back.

HOBO driver

OnSet Computer Corporation refused to give out information needed to use their product HOBO H8 Temp logger. This made impossible for me to use it in my server room monitoring scripts under Linux. I decided to save investment and together with friend Andrei Errapart wrote Linux code reading out temperature from it. You (including OnSet Computer Corporation) are free to use it under terms of General Public Licence. Full text is here


my photo stuff is here

NOTE: This page is currently under destruction.